Warning: This is a completely frivolous post

Hi all,

Things have been crazy lately getting ready to set up a hackerspace for youth on the South Side of Chicago (because Boyfriend and I are insane like that). I’ve been running around to meetings and such and have thus neglected Jump On Conclusions. There will be ranty health-related posts again soon, promise. In the meantime, here are some photos of something completely frivolous I did today while my computer was being a pain in the ass:



I was trying to pick a fall color by sampling them and just ended up rolling with a flint corn manicure instead. I won’t leave it on long because there was no basecoat involved, nor trimming of nails or cuticles (as you can see), but I thought it was kinda cool and still haven’t made that personal blog for things like this. Happy fall!

Image Image

I’ll post colors and brands if anyone’s interested, but I wouldn’t bet that most of them are currently on the market. I’m a bit of a beauty product hoarder because I use them so rarely that by the time I stumble upon them again, I’m all excited at their novelty.



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