Awesome stuff at Costco, #2 (a.k.a. How to be a health nut for cheap!)

I’ve mentioned before in posts about Costco that I’m a fan of smoothies. Well, we’ve taken to making them for breakfast, with the following ingredients from Costco (and a few from elsewhere):

"I am the alpha to your Omega 3!"

Bear approves.

I won’t recommend any portions because we’re not terribly consistent and our nutritional needs may be different from yours.

Why swap out the fat in peanut butter for the fat in coconut milk, you ask? Mostly because peanut butter is hard to blend, though we’ve nearly gone through two big Costco jars of it thus far. Additionally, though peanut butter is good for you too, coconut milk is high in medium chain fatty acids, which seem to promote satiety and weight loss/control, as compared with long chain fatty acids.

The banana and flax meal provide plenty of fiber and potassium, the latter of which yogurt also provides. The inositol tastes like powdered sugar and is good for PCOS (which I have) and anxiety, though the therapeutic anxiety dose is pretty huge. Clearly, there’s protein aplenty, plus all the trace essential nutrients they add to protein powder, so, between the morning shakes and my vitamin supplements (women’s multi, B complex, vitamin K2 in the form of MK-7), I have regular access to bioavailable stuff my body might need!

What are your secrets to energy/fitness/longevity/etc.?


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