If I were a rich (wo)man…

I’ve written before that Boyfriend and I expect that we’ll be comfortable in the next chapter of our lives, with the help of some good luck and self-discipline (and with his hard work in grad school finally paying off). We often talk about what we’re excited to do differently with the increased breathing room. Here, in no particular order, are some of our ideas:

Home Projects

  • A house (no shared walls for the first time in my life!) with a spacious yard so we can build…
  • A mini machine shop (with its own ventilation)
  • A DIY cat run
  • A bunch of DIY smart and green home projects: radiant heat, solar panels, a flywheel, automated Internet of Things, etc.

Creature Comforts

  • Bedposts. I fell in loooove with this amazing, hand-carved, solid oak bed frame at a unique antiques store back on the East Coast, but I was in college at the time and moving it every year would have been cruel to both of us. Ever since then, bedposts have been my benchmark for adulthood because they only make sense when things are stable. Boyfriend finds this hilarious and arbitrary, but he really wants a fancy bed, so it’ll be a good combo.
  • A Sleep Number/TempurPedic/super-comfy bed and some kinda fancy pillow situation that lets us sleep like logs the way we do when hotel pillows are involved.
  • Home office setups that don’t make our spines hate us. I want a yoga ball chair so I have somewhere stable to toss the yoga ball when I need to. Boyfriend is probably more inclined toward an Aeron-type design. Convertible standing-to-sitting desks might also be in the cards if we’re doing a lot of entrepreneurial work from home.

Health/Nutrition/Food/Sustainable Living

  • Stuff we’ll need to be in great shape, whether that means rock climbing equipment or enrollment in kickboxing (me, ideally) and jiu-jitsu (Boyfriend) classes or just some good hiking boots.
  • Subbing inositol in for sucrose more often
  • Local honey and/or creamed honey that’s high-glucose
  • Milk from local, pasture-fed cows. Extra points if it’s A2 milk.
  • Meat (especially if/when we eat beef) from sustainable local farms
  • A chest freezer or two (you know, like serial killers use to freeze body parts in the movies) so we can make eating home-cooked meals even easier. I have this intense plan that involves not only frozen meals that will warm well, but produce “ice cubes” that I can add to sauces to speed things along or to sneak in more nutrients. (e.g. Cauliflower and onion puree that I can add to white sauces, my own garlic cubes, herb cubes, etc.) And I’m totally going to make giant batches of that creamy mushroom sauce I found recently if it thaws well!


  • To see friends and family, to see new places, to do new things…!! (We want to see Portland, Budapest, Prague, Croatia, Sri Lanka, Nicaragua, Japan, the Mediterranean, and at least a dozen other places. Actually, the only place we’re not thrilled about visiting is Australia. No offense, Aussies, but your wildlife is terrifying.)

What’s on your wish list?


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