RECIPE: Garlic bread from stale bread!

We bought some of those parbaked loaves of bread from Costco that stay good in the pantry for months. They’re convenient, but they’re also usually just a tad too big for the two of us to finish in one sitting. We had about a five inch stub left after dinner the other night and it just sat on the counter all by its lonesome for… three days, I think? Anyway, I rediscovered it and started looking up recipes for garlic bread made from stale bread. To my disappointment, there really weren’t any that didn’t involve attempting to drown it in olive oil. I figured I only had stale bread and some scant amounts of other ingredients to lose, so I started an experiment.

First, I cut the remaining heel into slices about 3/4″ thick. Next, I used a pastry brush to brush water onto both surfaces of the slices, thinking stale bread might be like a dry sponge. In a little bowl, I combined about 2/3 olive oil to 1/3 melted butter with the goal of thoroughly saturating the top of each slice, but not drowning them. I added a pinch of salt because my butter was unsalted. Next, I added granulated garlic from Costco and black pepper to taste/sight. I popped in a cube of frozen garlic, too, figuring the granulated garlic wouldn’t get properly roasty. Lastly, I added some dried rosemary. I suppose you could use fresh, too, if you chopped it up first. I brushed my slices with the mixture, going back over each one a few times until I ran out of greasy deliciousness. Lastly, I poured grated Romano cheese on top the slices and sprayed it lightly with Pam to help it brown. I stuck the baking sheet in the oven on 450 for 4 minutes (because our broiler is evil) and voila!

As per usual, no evidence of this feat remains because we ate it before it occurred to me to take a photo.


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