RECIPE: Braised chicken with artichoke hearts + asparagus

This was tasty, healthy, and easy!


I had Boyfriend slice mostly frozen chicken breast into about 1/3″ thick sheets (because my fingers hate frozen things) and then I put them in a pan covered with artichoke hearts marinated in olive oil, which helped make a nice, silky sauce. I wanted shallots, but didn’t have any, so I tossed some dried chives in instead. On a whim, I also added some marjoram. I obviously added black pepper and cayenne because… well, I do that to everything. Lastly, I added no-salt chicken broth and a grassy, New Zealand sauvignon blanc. Below are the approximate amounts.


Pile o’ ingredients, right before I covered the pan and turned the heat up to medium for a slight, continuous bubble.

  • 2 slices chicken breast
  • Enough marinated artichoke hearts (quarters and halves) to cover the chicken


  • About 1 tsp dried chives
  • About 1/2 tsp black pepper (enough to lightly cover the artichoke hearts)
  • Several dashes of cayenne (optional)
  • About 2/3 c of dry white wine
  • As much unsalted vegetable broth as needed to keep the chicken partially submerged while the heat is on medium

I flipped the chicken over once one side had browned slightly. FYI, the more veggie broth you add, the harder it will be to see the sear.

While the chicken was cooking, I cleaned and cut a whole mess of baby asparagus.


I poured a bit of EVOO into a stir fry pan, added a pinch of salt, and put a little black pepper on the asparagus, then cooked the asparagus until it was al dente.

While the asparagus was cooking and the chicken was simmering to reduce the amount of liquid left, we microwaved our most recent amazing Costco find–quinoa and brown rice with garlic–for 90 seconds.


We smushed the grains down onto two plates, added fresh baby spinach, put the chicken and artichokes on top, and topped with asparagus. (We used all the asparagus pictured in the strainer, but it wasn’t terribly photogenic just piled on top, so I took the final shot before dumping the rest over the chicken.)

The end result was so tasty and full of fiber, protein, and green goodness. Enjoy!


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