RECIPE: Lazy girl’s lunch

Jumpers, I don’t know about you, but I am not good at feeding myself when left to my own devices. The most common time for me to be responsible for only feeding myself is lunchtime because I’m usually working from home and Boyfriend is usually not. This week, I altered this recipe to make a smoothie that’s been surprisingly effective at powering me through the afternoon without the downside of food comas. Here goes:

  • Step 1: Think far enough ahead to freeze chunks of ripe bananas.
  • Step 2: Locate (and maybe clean) blender.
  • Step 3: Add one banana’s worth of chunks to the blender.
  • Step 4: Add coffee. I’ve been using decaf instant coffee crystals because, in the way of hot beverages, I can only drink herbal tea in the morning without angering my GI tract and thus have no leftover cold coffee.
  • Step 5: Add your choice of milk(ish) product. I use whole milk and I imagine that actual milk makes for a better froth, if you’re into that, but soy milk or whatever else floats your boat would work, too. If you didn’t add leftover brewed coffee in Step 4, you’ll need to make sure you add enough milk to properly blend things. I like how filling the all-milk base makes my shakes, too.
  • Step 6: Add a scoop of chocolate flavored protein powder. I’m not a fan of “mocha” stuff, but if you get the coffee to protein powder ratio right, it just tastes like lightly sweetened coffee. Kinda like how some baked goods call for instant coffee (which is actually why I own the absurdity that is instant decaf) to make chocolate taste darker. Except the opposite of that. This just makes your coffee taste lighter. Or something.
  • Step 7: Blend! If you have one, use the frozen drinks setting to get those bananas nice and blendy.
  • Step 8: Pour and enjoy. Whipped cream optional.
  • Step 9: Rinse out blender with every good intention of cleaning it properly after you finish this one other thing… (Then actually just blend water and dish soap in it before using it again the next day.)

Insert ‘liquid lunch’ joke here. And a mental picture, for that matter, since I didn’t take a real one. 😉


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