Color analysis: Confusing celebrities #1

When it comes to seasonal color analysis, everyone wants to see celebrity examples, but it’s hard to “diagnose” celebrities correctly, between the spray tans and the professional hair and makeup. I’m no expert in seasonal color analysis, but my eyeballs work well enough to tell that some people are just very, very wrong in their celebrity categorizations. I figure there’s no reason I can’t add my two cents, so I’ve started this little series for fun. It’ll feature some of my own guesses, but mostly it’ll be a place for me to collect the diagnoses of others that I find convincing. Hopefully it will be fun and/or useful to some of you, too!


This is a look only Madame Tussaud could love.

Oh, Madge. Her hair has been platinum, flaxen, chestnut, honey, espresso, black… She carries the range surprisingly well, but I definitely feel that she looks older when she goes cool. Take this^ platinum ‘do and Soft Summer-ish makeup, for instance. Her skin looks waxy, her eyes look dull, and granted it’s a close-up, but she is definitely not doing any glowing here. Then check out this shot of her face with a warmer hair color and makeup for comparison. I don’t know when that one was taken because the Internet is overrun with Madonna pics, but I’m guessing it’s recent enough that we can’t blame timing for the disparity. I feel pretty confident that Her Popness is a warm season and I concur with Sonia over at Diary of a Colour Addict that Soft Autumn is a strong contender.

This golden blonde is much better, though she could warm it up even more.

Natalie Portman



Natalie is also decidedly warm-toned. If you don’t believe me, let Lora over at Pretty Your World convince you. Furthermore, Natalie nails Deep Autumn’s light orchid, which is one of Rachel’s “Surprising Seasonal Deal-Breakers” on her Truth is Beauty blog. Deep/Dark Autumn it is!

Natalie in a light orchid Rodarte dress at the 2009 Oscars. Much better!

Kristen Stewart

This makes her eyes look so pretty!

Kristen seems caught in an internet tug of war between summer and winter. One can even find comments pulling for autumn. The trick here is that Kristen’s hair is naturally ash blonde, probably about like this^ (or that may even actually be her natural hair color). Notice in that photo of her that her eyes look AMAZING but her face seems just a wee bit too orange, furthering my suspicion that she’s a cool. It’s possible that she’s a Dark Winter, but then she should glow in goldenrod; while this isn’t quite a Dark Winter yellow, it’s overpowering her by so much that I can’t imagine DW’s yellows working either. I can’t tell for sure how gray/soft her hazel eye color is, but she seems very at home in the Soft Summer palette, which is essentially Dark Winter’s softer sister in the 12 season color system. If you want a step-by-step analysis, check out Rachel’s at Truth is Beauty.

Dita Von Teese

A young Dita. Not loving how orange her lipstick is, but it’s not abysmal.

Dita is known to many as a Winter, so there’s already a consensus that she’s cool-toned. Photos of her when she was a teen are mostly very grainy and hard to analyze, but this collection, in particular, offers some insight. Note that in the first photo (as an adult), her limbs look pinker than her makeup. In all but one of the other photos, she looks more rosy-beige than golden. In the 5th picture down (with Dita on the left in a prom closeup), however, either her makeup or the lighting is making her look more yellow-gold. As a result, she seems sort of two-dimensional and her beautiful gray-ish eyes look brown. I feel certain she is indeed a cool lady after seeing these, which means she may have originally been a Summer, since her roots appear to be an ashy blonde and her sort of goth pinup aesthetic leaves her looking a bit chalky. The green and the pop of hazel in her muted eyes have me leaning toward Soft Summer, but I wouldn’t swear to it.

Gwen Stefani


via PopSugar

Gwen is another chameleon. I can only guess what’s going on under all that production. I feel like she’s rocking this cool look but getting eaten alive by this, what, autumn(?) look. And she looks pretty damn cool-toned in this photo^ from back in the day. The hair’s throwing me off a bit, but it looks like her roots are dark ash brown. There’s a ton of pink in her face and the medium blue behind her looks pretty harmonious. I’m getting hints of purple from around her dark brown eyes, which may or may not be makeup. Using Taaz, I experimented with different hair colors on young Gwen. I honestly can’t tell how dark the hair should be, but warmth kept showing up on Gwen that hadn’t been apparent in the original photos I was choosing hairstyles from (including adult Gwen’s), so I’m extra convinced that this lady is not a warm season. I want to say that she’s a little washed out by deep, cool brown, so I’m inclined to say Gwen is either a Bright Winter (i.e. Winter mixed with Spring) or a Bright Spring (i.e. Spring mixed with Winter). Given her proclivity for Barbie pink, I’m leaning Bright Spring.

Thoughts? I’d love to hear ’em!


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