Color analysis: Confusing celebs #2

Erika Christensen

Erika Christensen in Dolce and Gabbana at the Eighth Annual GQ “Men of the Year” Awards.

Erika is a pretty neutral gal. This really warm look isn’t working, for sure, nor is this really cool one. This^ slightly more neutral look is an improvement, but I’m sure that isn’t her natural hair color and the autumnal makeup looks dirty on her. (I originally thought she was a Soft Summer, but it seems she needs more clarity.) The roots here are probably her natural ones and she’s rocking cooler makeup, but either the background color or the plummy dress (or both) is too cool or too saturated (or both) because she looks a bit dusty. So she’s probably neutral-warm, not autumn, and not able to handle a lot of depth, including blackThis one is good, but holy crap, check out this one and this one. So we’re left with a neutral Spring that isn’t good in black (and is only halfway convincing in bright, warm red). Light Spring, methinks!

Amanda Seyfried

via Make Up Charts

Amanda is another celeb whom a bunch of people on the interwebz wrongly think is warm. See for example this, this, and this. What cracks me up is that you can see, in that last link, that she’s sooo much cooler than Blake Lively. At least no one thinks she’s a deep or dark anything. This makeup blog makes it very clear that her skin tone is cool, though. Light Summer?

Frida Gustavsson



A cursory Google search for “Frida Gustavsson seasonal color analysis” turns up almost entirely autumn results. While Frida seems to look amazing no matter what hair and makeup she’s rocking, it’s clear to me in comparing this warm look of hers with this cool one that she is definitely someone with a cool skin tone. Plus, check out those gorgeous gray-blue eyes! The above^ photo from is probably pretty close to her natural hair, skin, and lip colors. Because she’s so low-contrast and has those muted eyes, my guess is Soft Summer.

Emma Stone

Emma pulls off red hair like no one’s business, but seasonal color analysis doesn’t know what to do with redheads, so let’s ignore that for now. We know for sure that Emma was some kind of blonde in childhood, though a color photo would be helpful. There’s this one, in which she has platinum blonde in the front but, either due to dye or lighting, has what looks like strawberry blonde(?) in the back. There’s a lot going on in that photo, but it still seems like her shirt might be too muted for her.

As an adult, Emma has had red, blonde, and deep brown hair, but I haven’t found a photo yet in which I can clearly see her natural roots. She must have the world’s most committed hair stylist. Nonetheless, comparing photos of her various dye jobs is sufficient to convince me that she’s a neutral season. Take, for instance, this yellow-blonde hair. It’s not that it looks awful or anything, but it doesn’t look natural. In this photo with a cooler blonde, I don’t get the same artificial vibe. Back to platinum blonde, but wearing a peach Calvin Klein dress at the 2011 Golden Globes, Emma’s face lacks dimension in the makeup designed to go with her dress. Compare to Kerry Washington in a similar Calvin Klein and notice that Kerry’s cheekbones stand out, even in the full-length photo. (Note: Kerry is *not* a Winter just because she’s black with dark eyes. She’s probably a Bright Spring.)

Then, with warm red hair, we see her wearing bronze makeup at the 2014 Met Gala. I can only assume that her makeup artist was trying to complement her hair and not her crop top. The makeup just sits atop her complexion. She’s worn plenty of bold and vivid colors, so it’s not that she “can’t handle the color.” You can even see, in this photo on the right, that her complexion that same night looks ashen compared to her hair and makeup, but looks good with her top.

When Emma switches to cooler red hair, rose-beige blush and lipstick, and navy eyeliner, she looks AMAZING. There are good arguments that she’s a Summer, and I could see her being a Light Summer, since she doesn’t look dreadful in all spring colors, but I wonder if she could instead be a Bright Spring or Bright Winter (which is spring-influenced like Light Summer)? In the 12 season system known as Sci\ART, any season can have any hair or eye color. Emma rocks this classic Bright Winter look (though the image is heavily edited), she and bronzer don’t seem to jive, she certainly doesn’t seem muted enough to be a True or Soft Summer, and cool, bright pink lipstick makes her eyes sparkle! Bright Spring gets to wear a fuchsia lip, plus, her skin looks amazing in Bright Spring’s pinks, yellows, and blues. Bright Spring seems as good a guess as any, without a draping.

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