I consider myself a defender of equality in a lot of realms, including sex, gender, sexual orientation, etc., but I fervently believe that grape jelly is better than strawberry and that Nutella is better than peanut butter. I frequently get ranty when interacting with The Internet because it seems to me that it has irrational reactions to a number of things while almost always missing the nuance of a topic. (Journalists, I’m looking at you.) I kept threatening to start a blog and finally reached my tipping point. Now look what you’ve done, Internet.

2 thoughts on “About

    • Haha, thanks. I’ve done lots of formal, argumentative writing and I wanted a place where I could write about things that I start off considering informally, usually because of some stupid on the internet, and end up researching because I’m a nerd. But I also really wanted the voice here to reflect my real-life, grumbly rants on these topics because I don’t get to sound like the voice in my head very often in my other written works. 🙂

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